Established in 2007 we are Portland's original and highest qualified "Modern Vehicle" on-site used vehicle pre-purchase inspection service
PDXinspections is the ONLY used car inspection company in Oregon/Washington on the west coast and possibly the US using a Certified Master Automobile Technician with the L1 Automobile Advanced Engine Performance Specialist certification performing inspections - Portland buyers beware - Learn more
We help you avoid the scams, risks, headaches and unnecessary expenses when buying a used vehicle. Every vehicle has a story, we can help you reveal that story. "Our on-site inspections will easily pay for themselves when considering the peace of mind it will bring to you."

Buying a used vehicle can be a terrifying process, we are the only company who can guarantee you a complete, objective, and completely unbiased used car inspection of the vehicle you’re considering purchasing. We are the used car experts available to help you and the seller avoid the hassles, expense, time and possible confusion associated with taking your potential used vehicle to a dealership or repair shop to be pre-purchase inspected.
Established in 2007, PDXinspections is the original most progressive, qualified using real ASE master certified technicians, and locally respected Portland mobile used car inspection specific company. There are a lot of individuals and startup companies popping up claiming to perform mobile onsite used car inspections - buyer aware, would you find your next doctor on craigslist? Your next vehicle purchase may be your second most expensive and possibly most risky purchase. It’s never more important to trust a “real” established company who employs properly certified ASE technicians who use real high tech equipment, perform all necessary tests while inspecting the entire vehicle, who has established a long list of real customer feedback dating back to 2007, and most importantly can provide a completely unbiased inspection without any hidden agendas or performing any other automotive work. We speak from experience from someone who started working in a dealership performing used vehicle inspections, no other automotive business anywhere gives you all of the information needed between our upfront research, history report(s), class leading customer service/communication and our in depth inspection itself.
  • Craigslist car fraud Portland
    Craigslist ad: Advertised as having clean title
  • Craigslist car buying Portland
    Looks nice right?
  • Salvage title Portland used car buying
    Yes, this is the actual car being listed as having a clean title. The vehicle history report states it is a salvage vehicle.
  • Salvage title Portland used car buying
    PDXinspections will help you avoid these headache vehicles and save you money
Our inspections are cheap assurance to ensure you don't end up purchasing a vehicle with a history similar to this

PDXinspections is:

  • • Mobile, we travel to the vehicle whether it's located at a dealership or private sellers home or business. Our inspections are completed onsite allowing for a cold start assessment.
  • • The most in depth mobile modern pre purchase inspection service available anywhere. We're the only used car inspection you'll find that uses a complete array of diagnostic equipment and inspection tools to properly inspect the modern vehicle.
  • • Portland's longest running and highest rated used car inspection service known for industry leading customer service.
  • • The highest certified used car inspector - Our lead inspector is an Advanced level L1 Master ASE Certified Technician (this is the highest automotive certification which exists). (*BUYER BEWARE*) As of 2017 we are the only inspection company in Portland who properly inspects vehicles using a real Master ASE certified technician – be sure to do your research on any company claiming to perform on-site inspections
  • • Your best choice when it comes to knowing what’s right and wrong when it comes to buying a later model used vehicle. We know better than most how vehicles age/wear at a given mileage and we know what to look for to spot some of the common things you may see when used car buying
  • • Your only choice when it comes to completely unbiased 3rd party inspections. We specialize in used vehicle inspections. We do not repair, service, sell vehicles, nor do we recommend any other automotive shop or dealership.
  • • Your personal automotive consultant, we're here to provide you the information you need to hopefully find the correct car quickly and make wise purchasing decisions.
  • • The most affordable, quickest and most convenient option for you as the buyer and most appreciated by the seller since we come to the vehicle instead of the seller having to take it somewhere to be inspected.
  • • The most technologically advanced inspection service from booking to inspection - We have the fastest and easiest booking process meaning the overall time from the time you book until receiving the report in your inbox is measured in only hours vs. days with other inspection options.

1) Availability

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Nothing from Friday, February 23rd to Thursday, March 8th.

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Always available: Used vehicle research and history report

Used vehicle research and history report – We’re always available to help you with your vehicle research and history report

2) Choose the inspection that works best for your budget, comfort level and vehicle and then follow the instructions to figure your pre-purchase inspection cost

3) Instantly Order/Book your Platinum | Gold | Bronze
pre-purchase inspection.

Once you’ve completed your inspection request and have made your payment, we then take care of the rest. We’ll first confirm the booking with you via email, providing you whatever research we can along with at least 1 vehicle history report. We then contact the seller to arrange the inspection time and keep you notified via email along every step of the way via email. We only ask that you notify the seller that you’re planning on having us inspect the vehicle prior to us contacting them on the day of the inspection to arrange our 30 minute window of arrival. You’re not required to be present for the inspection and your PDXinspections pre-purchase inspection report (.pdf) is emailed to you directly from the inspection itself within minutes of completion. It’s as easy as placing any online order.

Your inspection report is easily read/printed using your computer, smart phone, iPhone/iPad or any other mobile device capable of reading PDF’s. They are easily read and understood, written in layman terms with items of importance highlighted

What to expect when using PDXinspections


MOBILITY – We go to the vehicle whether it is being sold by a private party or at a dealership. Our very thorough mobile used car inspections come with our own complete PDXinspections inspection report (.pdf) immediately emailed to you and start at $99 – Visit our
order page for our complete pricing structure

COMPLETELY UNBIASED – PDXinspections is a “used car inspection specialist” we're not a repair facility. We do not repair, service or sell vehicles nor do we associate with any other automotive dealer, shop or business and because of this you can be assured we are your only option who is guaranteed to be completely unbiased offering you the most accurate and unbiased evaluation of your potential used car purchase. We have nothing to gain by reporting inaccurate information. We remain completely objective and report only facts. With well over 500 pre-purchase inspections per year on average, we know better than most how vehicles wear and what to expect to see at a given mileage/age.

VEHICLE HISTORY – Your vehicle inspection includes: unparalleled customer service and advice from start to finish: research prior to inspection (we often have access to vehicle service records), a vehicle history report, our own PDXinspections inspection report emailed within minutes of the inspection completion and post inspection advice if needed.

INDUSTRY LEADING – Our Platinum used car inspections are modeled after manufacture certified vehicle standards (I.e.150 point certified) but are far superior as we also check for repainted panels, frame damage, prior cosmetic and mechanical repairs and proper operation of all electronics/accessories, documenting: tire, suspension, and brake wear as well as running extensive mechanical tests you won’t find with any other used car inspection.

COMPLETE – Our inspections are complete: Mechanical/Fluid/Safety/Wear Items/Electrical/Computer Diagnostics/Paint/Body/Frame. We use the same dealer/factory level scanners and high tech diagnostic equipment as the big franchised dealers do. These include multiple high end scan tools as well as a tablet/laptop with enhanced data capabilities meaning on most 1996-2016 European, Asian and American vehicles we can electronically check airbags modules, anti-lock braking systems, body controllers and more (this is far superior to a simple code reader others including some repair shops are using), Midtronics electronic battery/starting/charging analyzers, infrared testers, a modern digital infrared exhaust analyzer, digital engine analyzer, coolant refractometer measuring efficiency/condition, cooling system pressure testers, a digital video scope to identify and inspect areas not easily seen without disassembly, an air jack to properly lift and inspect the undercarriage/frame/steering/suspension and more. Check out our tooling, Platinum inspection process or view some our past inspection photos

CONVENIENCE – You are more than welcome to join us for the inspection. Most of our clients have already viewed the vehicle in person prior to booking, simply book the inspection online and make the decision to negotiate, go back with the report in hand to take a second look, or decide to skip the vehicle all together once they have reviewed our inspection report. Depending on the vehicle location and sellers availability we are usually available same day Click here to send us a quick message with the Year/Model and Location for a quick response if you need to check our same day backup inspection availability or choose your inspection and follow the directions to book now if you'd like us to add you to our backup list for the day. If we're not able to accommodate your inspection today it will take place on our next available day as displayed. Our up to minute availability can be viewed on our order page.

1) Check our always current availability on our order page
2) Choose the inspection that works best for your budget, comfort level and vehicle and then follow the instructions to figure your pre-purchase inspection cost
3) Complete our used vehicle inspection order form, make your payment and your done!
We only ask you let the seller know you’re considering having the vehicle inspected up front. We contact the seller after payment is made typically in the morning of the day the inspection is to take place to arrange a 30 minute window of our arrival, email you a confirmation of that time and an ETA on when to expect your inspection report via email.

SPEED – We are often available for same day service. We perform our industry leading complete used car inspection, measure painted panels to locate repaint and/or accidents, test drive, and email our own proprietary inspection report (.pdf) immediately from the car inspection site. (high definition 1080P video of the vehicles condition highlighting damage items is available and highly recommended for out of state buyers).

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